Finding Permalinks - Called Copy Persistent Link!

  • The Permalink creator is in the tool section under the title of the work.
  • Click on the link "Copy Persistent Link". See the arrow in the image below.
  • This will link to the CLCD record, not our library's holding of that title.
  • To get to see if hold the title use the "Check the Library's Catalog" link and directions for the permalink from the catalog tab in this guide.

  • Once you click on the "Copy Persistent Link", a new box with the permalink will appear above the title of the record. See the arrow in the image below.

Building the Stable URL to work off-campus

In order for the Persistent Link in CLCD to work off-campus, you add the UNM University Libraries proxy server link.

1. Copy the proxy server link:

2. Add the Stable URL. 


In this example the Stable URL is:

The final link should look like this:




Information about children's books, video and audio recordings, and other children-focused media. Record details vary and may include physical descriptions, subject terms, annotations, critical reviews, and more.