Directions on how to located permalinks on the UNM University Libraries Databases and Catalog

Other names

Permalinks are also called:

  • Document URL
  • Durable link
  • Stable link
  • Permanent link
  • Persistent identifier
  • PURLs

Why should I use it?

When the library's catalog and databases are searched the web addresses (URLs) that appear in the address bar of your web browser are often specific to that search session and will expire. 

  • Copying the browser bar are not a reliable way to relocate the item
  • Using a permalink is the best way to find a record again in the system. 
  • Permalinks makes it easy to share records with other persons at the University.
  • Part of building a permalink to library material includes adding information to go through the UNM library proxy server. Going through the proxy server allows users from off campus to easily log in through UNM and access the material.  
  • Finally to comply with copyright laws, it is recommended that you link to an article in your online course or website using a stable link instead of uploading the PDF or text file.
  • This also helps the University Libraries understand which of our resources are being used so we can best provide for the needs of the university community.