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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB (Matrix laboratory) is a high-level programming language and interactive tool involved in data analysis; capable of sorting and re-visualizing the data in various ways. 

MATLAB is used for mathematical computation, algorithm development, modeling, simulations and data analyzing.

It is used in introductory and advanced courses in mathematics, engineering, and sciences.


Main campus libraries have MATLAB installed on desktops computers. MATLAB is also available on check-out PC laptops and on both PC and Mac computers in Centennial Library DEN 1.

Learn to Use MATLAB

Tips for Using MATLAB

Getting Data into MATLAB

  • The Import Data tool, in the Variable section of the Home tab, can help get data from Excel and other file types into MATLAB.

Visualizing Data and Creating Graphs

  • The Plots tab provides many different options for visualizing data or you can use the plot() function to create graphs.

Obtaining More Help

  • For in-app help, enter the HELP command into the command window along with the subject you need help with and press enter.
  • There is also a forum for users to talk about and ask questions about MATLAB from MathWorks. This forum can be useful for very specific questions for more advanced users.