EndNote Software: Beginner's Guide

Overview of Creating a Bibliography

You can use EndNote X to create a bibliography from you library of references. You set the style and select the references and EndNote will create your reference list for your paper/document.  This is different than using the Cite While You Write, which is an automated tool.  The automation will create in-text citations and a bibliography, but some people do not like this tool

It is a good idea to remove duplicates prior to creating a bibliography.

Remove Duplicate References

Find Duplicate References
Prior to creating a bibliography, we recommend that you find duplicate references within your EndNote library.

To find duplicate references:

  1. Select the Group/Folder (left bar) you want to search OR All References
  2. On the top menu select Reference >> Find Duplicates
  3. The system will search that group and when it finds a duplicate, the Find Duplicates dialog box will appear (see below).  For each set of duplicates, you have the following two options:
    1. Select Keep This Record to save the preferred reference and discard the other in the trash. OR
    2. Select Skip to leave both references in the library. The references will be placed in a temporary Duplicate References group for later review.

Find Duplicates Dialog Box

Find Duplicates

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Creating a Bibliography

In EndNote X

Set the style for your bibliography

  1. In EndNote X, select the drop-down menu on the top toolbar.
  2. Choose "Select another style..." from the menu

3. Search or Scroll the list to add the style(s) you plan to use
4. Now in the drop-down menu select the style for your current paper/document.

Select references for your bibliography

  1. Select a Group or the All References folder (left side)
  2. In this group/folder, select all the items you want in your bibliography
    • All items - Use Ctrl+A - all items will be highlighted, OR
    • Select a range - select the first one, then use your Shift+down arrow - items will highlight
    • Select individual items - select one item, then use your Mouse+Ctrl key to select more - they will highlight


3. After highlighting the reference, Right-Click on one of the highlighted references

4. Select Copy Formatted from the menu
5. Go to Word doc (or other word processor) and paste the formatted bibliography