LibGuides in Canvas

What are LibGuides

LibGuides are subject and course guides created by UNM librarians to support student learning. The librarians use the LibGuides platform to create guides by curating and organizing subscription and free resources around a specific subject, course, or research tool. A curated guide is targeted to help students locate specific resources instead of browsing the entire library offerings or searching the web for sources. See examples at the bottom of the page.

Why load a LibGuide in a Canvas course?
Instructors may load a guide or parts of a guide into a Canvas course site. This allows students to easily find the guide in the Canvas environment, then use the resources on the guide. By integrating the guide on the course site it saves students time and connects the course content and library resources.

Instructors may select from the current guides offered or request a guide on a specific subject or course (e.g. assignment). NOTE: It is ideal to view a guide prior to selecting it for a course. All Guides.

Request a Guide
If you would like a specific guide on a subject (sub-topics) or course please contact Todd Quinn.

LibGuides Examples