Celebrating the Right of Women to Vote in New Mexico

Some suggestions

There are a number of books, theses and dissertations at the CSWR and UNM Library related to the history of the women's suffrage movement and leading women in New Mexico.

Here are a few things:

"For the Best Interests of the Community:" The Origins and Impact of the Women's Suffrage Movement in New Mexico, 1900-1930, by Janine A. Young, MA, 1984, History, UNM.  Click on the blue title here to open.

Roots of the New Mexico Women’s Movement: Missionaries and the New Mexico Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, by Clare Denise O’Leary-Siemer, MA, 1997, History, UNM. How women fought for women’s and children’s welfare reforms from 1890s-1970s. Click on the blue title here to open.

"Not Your Mother's PTA:" Women's Political Activism in Twentieth-Century, by Jennifer Lynn McPherson, Ph.D. dissertation, 2017, History, UNM. Click on the blue title here to open.

Octaviano Larrazolo: A Political Portrait, by Alfred C. Cordova and Charles B. Judah, Gov. Dept., UNM, 1952. Governor Larrazolo supported the New Mexico women's suffrage movement and signed the ratification of the 19th Amendment for New Mexico giving women the right to vote.  Online.

We Have Come to Stay: American Women and Political Parties 1880-1960, edited by Melanie Gustafson, Kristie Miller, and Elisabeth I. Perry, UNM Press, 1999, has chapter by Elizabeth Salas entitled, Soledad Chacon, Adelina Otero Warren and Concha Ortiz y Pino: Three Hispana Politicians in New Mexico Politics, 1920-1940.

Women in Education: New Mexico, by Virginia K. Whitney and Josephine Koogler, 1977, biographical sketches, some photos, of early women educators, some of whom were also suffragists.

Nina Otero Warren of Santa Fe, by Charlotte T. Whaley, new material, Santa Fe, Sunstone Press, 2007.  Otero Warren, from Los Lunas, was a New Mexico suffragist, teacher and politician. She was the first Latina to run for the U.S. House of Representative in 1922.

The Lives and Works of Five Hispanic New Mexico Women Writers, 1878-1991, by Merrihelen Ponce, Southwest Hispanic Research Institute paper, UNM, 1992, includes Adelina Otero Warren and Aurora Lucero White. Online.



The New Mexico Woman: Where She's Been and Where She's Going, DVD, by Mary Henry, speaker, color, 120 minutes, Division of Continuing Education, UNM, 1988.

Dennis Chavez Symposium, 3 videos, panel discussion, color, UNM Center for Regional Studies, 2000, includes Chavez's work towards pay and health care, equity for women, work place protections for women and children, the importance of political wives, the rights and sovereignty of New Mexico tribes, etc.

Bruce T. Ellis Sheet Music Collection, 1818-1945. Collection of ca. 600 scores, illustrated covers, American political and patriotic songs. Includes three Women's Temperance pieces.  See song example on right.




Cartooning for Suffrage, by Alice Sheppard, Alb., UNM Press, 1994. Traces the right to vote movement through cartoon sketches by women and other artists, chronology.  See the cartoon below.


Your little daughters some day will make as good citizens as your sons. See to it that they receive equal justice, from Cartooning for Suffrage, cartoon by Fredrikke Schjöth Palmer, from Woman's Journal, a suffrage publication in Boston, from July 1, 1916. Mrs. Palmer was from Norway, studied painting in Oslo and Berlin, was cartoonist and art editor for the Woman's Journal, and was active in Hawaii in the 1920s. Her husband was A. H. Palmer, a Yale professor, and they had two sons.



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Women's Suffrage

Women - Political Activity - New Mexico


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Example of Sheet Music of a Women's Temperance Song and a Poem for Nina Otero Warren


Title page of a Women's Temperance song, Detroit, 1866, sung by John Crosher, composed by Frank Howard, voice and piano, from Bruce T. Ellis Sheet Music Collection, Box 2, CSWR. Zoom in to read.



Poem - A La Adelina Otero Warren, the Republican candidate for New Mexico Representative to the U.S. House, 1922, written by Felipe M. Chacon. From the book, Poesia y Prosa, Obras de Felipe Maximiliano Chacon, El Cantor Nuevomexicano, Albuquerque, 1924, from the Dan Chavez Papers on the History of New Mexico Government, 1872-2016 (MSS 1033 BC), Box 1, Folder 23.  Zoom in to read.