Celebrating the Right of Women to Vote in New Mexico

More ideas - Online sources

There are a number of websites with useful information on the history of New Mexico women, while others  provide a broader view of the women's right to vote movement.

Here are some online sites to help you:


New Mexico League of Women Voters, helping women vote sincae 1920, historical informaton

New Mexico State Historian website - Womens Suffrage Movement, 1915

New Mexico and the 19th Amendment, from the National Park Service

Adelina Otero Warren (Nina) - National Park Service Tribute

Women's Suffrage in the West - where women first got the vote, a National Park Service study

Suffragists New Mexico, Turning Point Suffragist Memorial, national and state, dates, leading women, photos

Octaviano Larrazolo - from Hispanic Americans in Congress, Library of Congress project. Governor Larrazolo supported women's suffrage and signed the 19th amendment ratification for New Mexico

Women's Vote Centennial site 1920-2020 - American history and events

National Archives Digital Classroom Teaching with Documents, Lesson Plan, Women Suffrage and the 19th Amendment


FROM DISC at UNM Library:

And Yet She Persisted is a tribute to the contributions of the women of New Mexico from all backgrounds - produced by the Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication Program (DISC) in the College of Libraries and Learning Sciences at the University of New Mexico, in Zimmerman Library, Albuquerque. Contact Amy Winter at DISC for more information.

In order to better share this information with you, here are some breakout parts of the larger Yet She Persisted DISC site:

The 1976 Women in New Mexico Exhibit by the American Association of University Women - New Mexico. This show recognizes the significant contributions made by the women of New Mexico throughout the years. Included are biographies and photographs of Louise Coe, Julia Brown Asplund, Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert, Concha Ortiz y Pino de Kleven, as well as other women leaders. 

Historic Women Marker Initiative - list of the 75 markers now honoring women throughout New Mexico, with more coming in the future. This site also lists all the markers in the state.

Biographies of New Mexico Women - showcases the lives of some of the women who shaped New Mexico over the decades, among them Pauline Eisenstadt, Dorothy I. Cline, Erna Ferguson, Mela Sedillo, Dorothy L. Woodward, Katherine Stinson Otero, Concha Ortiz, Debbie Jaramillo, and many others.