Celebrating the Right of Women to Vote in New Mexico


Use the ROCKY MOUNTAIN ONLINE ARCHIVE (RMOA) engine to search the inventories of archival collections at the CSWR for photos. (The RMOA can also search the inventories of collections at over 30 other repositories in NM, CO and WYO).


RMOA Help - Finding Photographs:

Use Advanced Search. Limit by institution = UNM Center for Southwest Research (or can open to all.)

Use the Word search box for your topic.

Use keyword to search for topic.

Plus! - Put  PICT - in the box for Collection Number and it will limit your search to those containing just photos.

When looking inside an individual collection inventory, use CTRL + F to open a Find window – type in search term to locate it in the inventory.



Try using the New Mexico Digital Collection (NMDC) to find images or media related to women in New Mexico.

The NMDC - a CSWR / UNM online source - contains scans of selected documents, reports, maps, photos, chapters and videos from the CSWR archive collections.

Further, the NMDC also has selected archival materials scanned from twelve other NM repositories! 

See examples from the CSWR on the right and below.


Here are a few Pictorial collections from the CSWR with photographs related to early New Mexico women.

Cobb Memorial Photography Collection, 1880-1942, PICT 000-119. Includes a photo of Margaret Kent Medler, and also Mrs. L.A. Collins, who was the 2nd President of the New Mexico Women's Christian Temperance Union, and Mrs. M.J. Borclen, the 4th President. The WCTU courageously fought against the harmful effects of alcohol on men and their families and became part of the women’s suffrage movement.  This entire Cobb collection is on the NMDC.

Margaret Kent Medler Photograph Collection, 1877-1920PICT 000-225. Include photos of Margaret and women from Albuquerque groups.



From NMDC - Margaret Kent

This girl, Margaret Kent, came to New Mexico in a covered wagon, lived in New Town Albuquerque, attended Albuquerque High School and Kentwood College in Illinois. She ran her father's real estate, rental, finance and insurance businesses and helped to organize women's political and social events in Albuquerque, from the Cobb Memorial Photography Collection, PICT 000-119. See her as a grown-up above on the right.





















Samples from the NMDC

From NMDC - Cover of Susan B. Anthony Anniversary Women's Club Program, Albuquerque, 1905
Page two lists the women and their presentations, from the Margaret Kent Medler Scrapbook, MSS 225 BC.

From NMDC - Margaret Kent Medler
She was a leading business woman in Albuquerque, who was active in the Women's Club, from the Margaret Kent Medler Photograph Collection PICT 000-225.

From NMDC - Mrs. L. A. Collings

She was 2nd President of the New Mexico Women's Temperance Union (1885-1890) and a teacher in the Primary Department at the Albuquerque Academy, from the Cobb Memorial Photography Collection, PICT 000-119. The Temperance Movement became part of the suffrage effort.