CSWR George Orwell Exhibit


Third and Final Lesson Plan


Note to the Teacher:  This lesson culminates in a final activity that will require the creation of a poster.  Please have the students us a regular 8 x 11 piece of white copy paper, or material of equivalent size.  As with all of these plans, please utilize what you feel will work best for your particular group of students.


Begin this lesson by having the students return to the on line exhibit.  Have them click on the following sub sections in the exhibit and complete the following tasks in their notebooks or sketch books.  This can be done together as a class, in groups, individually and/or for homework.

You can also have them make sketch books by stapling ten sheets of copy paper together so that they can keep the following creations together.


Within The Revolt Against Empire and Privilege,

Open: Giorgio in Burma

1. Based on the cover that you see, what do you think the book is about?

2.  Conduct a quick internet search and describe what the book is actually about.

Open: Down and Out In Paris; Wigan Pier

1. In the photo, why do you think the wife is not eating and the husband is?  What do you think they may be having a conversation about?

3.  This represents England’s Industrial North.  What work was done there in the 19th and 20th centuries and what has happened to the economy there since then?

Open: A Clergyman’s Daughter

1.  This book is described as, “an individual’s descent into the ‘social underworld.’  Conduct a brief internet search of this book and describe the “underworld” that Orwell writes about.

2.  Write a brief description of the “social Underworld(s)” that exist in your community.

Open: Selected Titles

1.  Three books are presented on this page.  Choose one of these books and write a very short synopsis of its’ plot.




Within Learning From Spain,

Open: Homage to Catalonia

1.  On the cover of Homage to Catalonia, found on this page, you will find the following quote, “Orwell’s personal story of the Spanish Civil War and the Communist Betrayal.”  Conduct an internet search to find out what the “communist betrayal” was.

Open: Spanish Revolution

1.  On this page, you will see two newspaper headlines in Spanish.  Translate them.

2.  Read some of the news stories on the following links and rewrite the headlines for 4 articles that you’ve read.





Open: Propaganda


1.  After reviewing this page and the propaganda posters, look at propaganda from World War II and the Cold War.  Sketch out 4 examples in your notebook/sketchbook.




1.  Click on this link and review the 8 Common Types of Propaganda.  This can be done individually, or you can lead the class through the power point.  Be sure to have the students define each type of propaganda in their notes.



https://www.ushmm.org › powerpoint › 20090209-propaganda


2.  Review and discuss the following video, its main points and have the class give real world examples of what is presented here.


3.  Now that you and your students are familiar with propaganda, George Orwell, his writings and some of the events and social conditions he wrote about, now it’s your turn!


Choose a current event and create a propaganda poster about it.


A.) The event can be anything that pertains to society.  Some examples are: politics, impeachment, elections, climate change, recycling, immigration, etc.


B.) Make your poster on a regular 8 x 11 sheet of paper.


C.) Use one or more propaganda techniques.


D.) On a separate sheet of paper, write one or two paragraphs about your poster’s design and why you have chosen this subject.


There are no right or wrong positons, we are just looking for the power of your message.


NOTE TO TEACHER:  Once all of the students have completed their propaganda posters, please mail them to the address below and the exemplars will displayed in the University of New Mexico Libraries’ Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections as part of the George Orwell Exhibit.


Portia Vescio, CSWR

Zimmerman Library – MSC05 3020

University of New Mexico Libraries

1900 Roma NE

Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001






If you have any questions about the lesson plans, please contact:


Joaquin Martinez