CSWR George Orwell Exhibit

Burma Experience and Autobiography

Cover, designed by illustrator Ferruccio Bocca, of the 1983 Italian edition of Burmese Days.



Paris og London på Vrangen. Denmark. 1975 PR6029.R8 D6128 1975


Books on Display


Dagar I Burma. Sweden. 1975. Jacket design by Hasse Erikson. PR6029.R8 B8185 1975



Burmese Days : A Novel. London. 1961. Reprint of 1949 Secker & Warburg Uniform Edition. Artwork by Denis Piper. PR6029.R8 B87 1961


Down and Out in Paris and London. New York. 1961. PR6029.R8 D6 1961

Orwell’s first book, the autobiographical Down and Out in Paris and London, was published by Gollancz in January 1933.  Orwell had gathered material for it several years earlier while living among tramps and beggars in London’s East End and working as a dishwasher in a Parisian restaurant.  Born, as he put it, into “the lower upper middle class,” he wanted to experience firsthand what life was like for the poor and destitute.