Streaming media at UNM

Overview of Lumiere

Lumiere (previously Berkeley Clips) is available for instructors teaching classes at UNM. Films requested through Lumiere must be for a class assignment, and a physical DVD must be in the library. Please email Chris Johnson, with course information and title requests.

Using Lumiere with a Course

To request URLs through Lumiere for a course (with Canvas):

  1. Log into using your credentials
  2. Search for your film using the Browse tab or the Search tab, and select the title.
  3. On the right side of the page, under “Actions,” select “Add [your title] to order.”
  4. The page now reads, “Adding film to order,” and you are given choices. You can have your students view film data (title, director, short synopsis), they can view the film with stretched audio, which can be useful for language students especially, and there are mandatory selections for whether or not you want subtitles, student comments that you can choose to be viewed only by you or by you and the students in your class, and you must provide a short statement about how you are using this film.
  5. You can also select film terms, if you like, by clicking “Select film terms for this film.”
  6. Once you make those choices, click “Add to order.” Doing so adds the film to your cart, but does not produce a URL for your film yet.
  7. Now, you are in “Your Cart.” To the right, you have the option to edit, preview, annotate, or remove your order to start over. Otherwise…
  8. Your order is given a number, on the left where it says “Order name.” You can edit that field, and name your order anything you like.
  9. To the right of “Order name,” you have a drop-down menu that asks you how long you want to keep the film order. Next to “Order to expire in,” the default is two weeks, but if you click the box that says two weeks, you have choices on how long you want to keep the film.  You can keep the film for as little as one day or as much as 17 weeks.
  10. Once you have made that choice, click “Submit order.” Orders are normally filled within 24 hours. 

NOTE: URLs must be embedded in Canvas

UNM DVD Collection

The University Libraries has over 10,000 DVDs, the great majority are located in the Fine Arts & Design Library.

Select the link below to discover most of the DVDs. In the search box, replace the word "film" with another term to refine the search for yourself.

Popular DVDs in the library