BIOSIS Database Search

Biological Abstracts/BIOSIS Previews Step-By-Step Search Guide

This guide will walk you through a sample search in the database Biosis Previews.

Our topic: We are looking for research articles to determine which animal models are used to study Alzheimer’s disease.

1) From the Quick Links menu on the library’s web pages (, go to:

1.Research Databases link

2.Biology link

3.Articles and  Databases 

4.BIOSIS Citation Index.





2) On the BIOSIS Citation Index search page, type in animal model$ (we are using the truncation symbol $ to look for animal models, animal model, etc.) For more Information check this video link: (Web of Science 1:56 min) & This link


3) Click on the Search botton, then click Back To Search.

4) If you want to refine the search you can +Add Another Field

(BIOSIS Previews Database)

5) The fields allow you to select by author or other options.

Once you've done your search, you'll see your results and can look at the abstracts (brief articles descriptions) or view the full text of the article using the Full Text from Publisher or Get it! Cornell buttons. 

Select results you want to save, add them to a marked list, and export or email the citations for later use.