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LSOC: Library Staff Organization Council

by UL&LS Administration on 2018-05-22T15:56:58-06:00 | Comments

In early 2017, the LSOC issued a statement of priorities and met with administration to clarify the staff group’s charge.  The charge includes:

  • Liaise with the administration
  • Facilitate open communication and collaboration in the UL&LS
  • Promote and foster staff professional development
  • Advocate for opportunities for staff advancement and growth
  • Advocate for and participate in opportunities for planning of improved workplace conditions and other means of enhancing productivity.

Here are some of the recent initiatives the group has pursued to fulfill that charge:

  • The LSOC has increased the frequency of regular All-staff (or Staff) meetings to hold them on a consistent monthly basis.  These meetings continue to be on a variety of topics and administration provides updates and addresses issues at the majority of these meetings.  The LSOC hosted a ‘get to know you’ All Staff meeting in December.
  • The LSOC asked UL&LS administration to provide an update on the murals.  As a result, the UL&LS administration has continued to pursue action, and an ongoing process of addressing the letter written by the UL&LS employees was put in place through a committee formed by the Provost’s office.  A recommendation has been made.
  • The LSOC hosted a session with HR representatives to clarify the in-range adjustment policy that went into effect in 2017.  UL&LS administration attended that meeting and subsequently prepared a comprehensive request for in-range adjustments for staff who have taken on extra duties in the last couple of years.  As a result, six staff members were able to receive in-range salary adjustments.
  • A focus group from the LSOC worked with Leah Boetger to provide feedback on the new PEP (performance review) forms.  Leah provided training for employees on the new forms.
  • The LSOC approached UL&LS administration about the possibility of hosting the holiday gathering.  The Dean and administration generously donated to provide a catered meal for the event.
  • A group from the LSOC has been working on a recycling initiative in the UL.  John Shaski from PPD recycling attended the February All Staff meeting to discuss recycling on campus.  The group also worked with Patricia Campbell to create more accurate recycling notification to be placed in all four libraries.  These contacts have generated interest with other folks on campus to possibly apply for a ‘Zero Waste’ grant to promote sustainability in Zimmerman.
  • The SPUD (Staff Professional Development) subcommittee continues to allocate professional development funds.  Recipients have shared their experiences at the All Staff meetings and in other venues.  This year the SPUD subcommittee created a governing document to formalize the committee’s charge and procedures.

Future topics that the LSOC would like to focus on:

  • Break room amenities – some of our appliances are failing.  Can they be replaced?
  • Assertiveness training:  How to advocate for more responsibility with your supervisor,  how to update your resume, keep skills up to date,  keep current with your profession.
  • Brainstorm around UNM Press integration into the College.
  • Update LSOC bylaws document to reflect and better codify current practice and procedures.
  • Survey staff to solicit feedback on a variety of issues that will help with future directions.

LSOC Members

Arianne Avery – 2018/2019
Bonnie Bryant – 2017/2018
Jonathan Hartshorn – 2018/2019
Lucia Katz – 2018/2019
Amy Mullins – 2017/2018
Mel Ribas – 2017/2018
Christine Sraha – 2017/2018
Kimberly Fenton (alternate) – 2018/2019

Joe Lane (UNM Staff Council Representative)
Leah Boetger (Ex officio, UL&LS HR representative)‚Äč




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