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Course Reserves: E-books on Reserve

Information on the University Libraries' reserves services

E-books at UNM

Once a title is added to a course reserve, if the University Libraries own an electronic version, or E-book, the record will list all the databases that have the book available. Depending on the needs of your class this may serve as the only copy on reserve or as a second copy.

How to direct students to e-books on reserve

When the University Libraries own an e-book version of a title, the reserve record will have an "Access Full Text Online" section with links to all the vendors that have a copy of the title. Each vendor has slightly different restrictions on each title. All books should be visible for online reading with a stable internet connection. If students only need a section of the title, they can usually save the section as ad PDF. Here are general instructions for some of the vendors.

Assigning Safari Books/Tutorials to Students

Instructors may assign students books, book chapters, and tutorials to students to read online or via the mobile app, Safari Queue.

Instructors - It is ideal to provide the exact title/author of the item and the URL so students may find it via the link or search for the item (esp. if using app). For example,

Students, please read Section 4 (both parts) of Fearless Drawing by Kerry Lemon


Students, please complete this video training, Python Guide for the Total Beginner

Choosing to Place an E-book on reserve

There are certain circumstances that the e-book version may be useful as a course reserve:

  • The course requires a small section of a title, such as a chapter or two, many vendors allow a section to be printed or saved.
  • It is supplemental reading and not all students will need simultaneous access.
  • A physical copy is on reserve, and this provides access as a multiple copy or being available when the University Libraries are closed.
  • If the University Libraries have access to a title on-line, it is automatically linked to the course reserve page when a print copy is added to reserve.


If you need further assistance opening or accessing e-books contact, Ask-A Librarian.
Phone: (505) 277-9100
Text: (505) 431-4711

Reserve Specialists

The University Libraries' Reserve specialists, located at all four branches, are available to work with instructors to provide access to material. For additional assistance or questions about these services, please contact: