Course Reserves

Tips on accessing information from e-books on reserve

How to direct students to e-books on reserve

When the University Libraries own an e-book version of a title, the reserve record will have an "Access Full Text Online" section with links to all the vendors that have a copy of the title. Each vendor has slightly different restrictions on each title. All books should be visible for online reading with a stable internet connection. If students only need a section of the title, they can usually save the section as ad PDF. Here are general instructions for some of the vendors.

Assigning Safari Books/Tutorials to Students

Instructors may assign students books, book chapters, and tutorials to students to read online or via the mobile app, Safari Queue.

Instructors - It is ideal to provide the exact title/author of the item and the URL so students may find it via the link or search for the item (esp. if using app). For example,

Students, please read Section 4 (both parts) of Fearless Drawing by Kerry Lemon


Students, please complete this video training, Python Guide for the Total Beginner

Choosing to Place an E-book on reserve

There are certain circumstances that the e-book version may be useful as a course reserve:

  • The course requires a small section of a title, such as a chapter or two, many vendors allow a section to be printed or saved.
  • It is supplemental reading and not all students will need simultaneous access.
  • A physical copy is on reserve, and this provides access as a multiple copy or being available when the University Libraries are closed.
  • If the University Libraries have access to a title on-line, it is automatically linked to the course reserve page when a print copy is added to reserve.


If you need further assistance opening or accessing e-books contact, Ask-A Librarian.
Phone: (505) 277-9100
Text: (505) 431-4711