LibGuides in Canvas

PDF: How to Add a LibGuide to a Course

Steps for adding a Guide to a UNM Canvas Course

How to load a guide in a UNM Canvas course

1. Login to UNM Canvas as instructor

2. Navigate to a Course from Dashboard or Courses icons on left gray bar.


3. Select Modules on the left side (circled in green)

4. On the Module title bar, select the plus symbol ("+") , (circled in yellow)


5. In the pop-up, select External Tool from Add drop-down menu.


6. Select LibGuides


7. In new pop-up window, select the guide option (Full, Single Page or Content Box) from Content Type drop-down menu. In this example, using Full Guide, which provides an ideal layout in Canvas.


8. Locate the Guide from search box or drop-down menu. In this example, selecting the "Water Resources" guide.


9. Locate your preferred landing page for the guide. "Home" is often the default landing page, but you may select any of a guide's pages. In this example, selecting "Home" page.


10. Now select the Embed button

11. Notice the title and and URL now added to pop-up window. Select Add Item.


12. Notice title of guide page is now listed in Module. Check the the null symbol to activate. Symbol should change to a green check.



Preview - NOTE: All links within the guide will open in a new browser tab. Also, notice the breadcrumb above the guide title (University Libraries > Research Guides > Water Resources > Home).