Native American Studies

Browsing UNM's Book Stacks

UL uses the Library of Congress Classification System, which typically groups similar books in the same call number range. "Indians of North America," subject heading, are usually in the E51 to E99 with range wih a few exceptions. Browsing is a good way of getting an idea of what books a library has in your subject area.

Below is an abbreviated outline LC classes that have "Indians of North America" material.

  • E51-61 PreColumbian America
  • E71 North America (north of Mexico)
  • E73-74 Mound Builders.  Indians of North America
  • E75-E77 (Periodicals, Collections, Dictionaries, Directories, Guide to Tribes, Study and Teaching, Research, Historiography, General Works). Note: periodicals will be in the periodicals section. In Zimmerman, periodicals are in the basement.
  • E78 (By state, province, or region, A-Z)
  • E81-87 (Indian Wars and captivities)
  • E89-90 (Biography)
  • E91-93 (Government relations)
  • E95 Treaties
  • E96-97 (Education)
  • E98 (By special topic, A-Z)
    e.g., E98.A7 = Art; E98.E2 = Economic Conditions; E98.R3 = Religion, Mythology; E98 S7 = Social life and customs; E98 W8 =  Women
  • E99 (By tribe, A-Z)
    e.g., E99. N3 = Navajo,  E99. Z9 = Zuni Indians