UNM University Libraries Assessment and Statistics

The purpose of this guide is to share information about University Libraries Assessment activities and Statistics.

Library Assessment Team

Teresa Y. Neely (neely@unm.edu) - Associate Professor, Assessment Librarian

Karl Benedict (kbene@unm.edu) - Associate Professor, Director, Research Data Services 

Susanne Clement (sclement@unm.edu) - Associate Professor, Director of Collections

Kevin Comerford (kevco@unm.edu) - Associate Professor, Director, Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication, & Information Technology Services

Mark Emmons (emmons@unm.edu) - Professor, Associate Dean for Public Services

Victor Law (vlaw@unm.edu) - Assistant Professor, OILS

Cindy Pierard (cpierard@unm.edu - Assistant Professor, Director, Access Services

Lori Townsend (lt@unm.edu) - Assistant Professor, Learning Services Coordinator


UNM Office of Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness at UNM

College Assessment Review Committees (CARC) - to oversee and monitor assessment activities, practices, and processes associated with institutional effectiveness at the program and college/school/branch levels.

Institutional Reports

UNM Academic Program State of Assessment Report - 2014

UNM Academic Program Institutional Effectiveness Infrastructure Annual Report

Documents and Templates - used to oversee and guide institutional effectiveness at the institutional level.

Tk20 Campuswide - A resource to support a culture of improvement at UNM. It is a comprehensive assessment, planning, reporting, and data management system that provides tools for academic programs and administrative units to collect and manage their academic and non-academic assessment activities learning.

CUL&LS Assessment Plans, Publications and Reports

CUL&LS Administrative Unit Assessment Plan 

Assessment Professional Development - Conferences and Proceedings

Southeastern Library Assessment Conference - http://www.southeasternlac.info/

November 16-17, 2015 - Georgia Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, GA, USA -  Conference Program

Library Assessment Conference - http://libraryassessment.org/ (ARL/University Libraries, University of Washington)

"Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment" - Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2016, Crystal Gateway Marriott - Arlington, VA,

2016 Library Assessment Conference Call for Proposals - Deadline February 1, 2016

2014 Library Assessment Conference Proceedings, Seattle, Washington

2006 - 2012 Library Assessment Conference Proceedings




Assessment Librarian

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Teresa Neely
Zimmerman Library
Room 295
(505) 925-5914