Spanish Colonial and Mexican Documents

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The CSWR has these collections of documents on microfilm.  See links below for online material.

ARCHIVO DEL HIDALGO DEL PARRAL,1631-1821, San Jose de Parral, Chihuahua, on military, Indian affairs, administration, mining, ranching, public records and wills, civil and federal cases, etc. Filmed by date. Parral was early access route north to New Mexico. Index or guide at CSWR Anderson CD3676 P3 guide, 324 reels, at same #.   Parral online.

LAREDO ARCHIVES, 1749-1868, Saint Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas, provincial decrees, San Antonio, Texas, correspondence with officials in Nuevo Santander, Tamaulipas and Laredo, local affairs. Topics include Jesuit expulsion, the fleet, ferias, visitas, Mexican Independence, Iturbide, Santa Ana, border conflicts, U.S. Mexican War, etc. Some Laredo genealogical materials included. Limited guide at CSWR Anderson F394 L324 L32 1973,16 reels at same #   Visit the Portal to Texas History for Laredo Archive online material.


(1) Bexar Archives from the University of Texas Archives, Austin, Spanish and Mexican documents, 1717-1836, from Spain, Mexico City, Coahuila and Tejxs, Monterrey, government, settlements, personal and official correspondence, military affairs, presidios, missions, Indian relations, judicial and treasury records, local municipal government, foreign affairs - NM, Nuevo Leon, Nuevo Santander, Louisiana, France, U.S., etc. 172 reels at CSWR Mfilm CD3539 A8 T42. Limited guide at CSWR Anderson CD3537 B4 A35 guide, 3 vols. Name guide at CSWR Anderson CD3539 A8 T4 name guide.  See the Bexar Archive material online.

(2) Archive of the County of Bexar, Courthouse, San Antonio, Texas, 1727-1890,17 reels at CSWR Mfilm CD3537 B4 A3. Limited guide at same #. Government administration, correspondence, land papers, missions, wills, military affairs, mail, customs, litigations, individuals in Texas history, etc.   Visit the Bexar County Archives online.