Spanish Colonial and Mexican Documents

Collections in the archives of CSWR

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Here are examples of archival collections with documents and related papers at the CSWR:


Archivo General de las Indias (AGI) and Other Archives in Spain, and Propaganda Fide, Rome, MSS 841 BC, ca. 1505-1812

Archivo General de La Nacion (AGN) and Other Archives in Mexico, MSS 867 BC, ca. 1520 - 1878

Note: Once inside the inventories for these two (AGI and AGN), you can go to the - Detailed Finding Guides - for the fuller description of items in the various ramos or sections. They contain a vast array of selected documents from those archives, in Spanish script, as photostats or microfilm, and with some typed transcriptions and notes. A few items are in English.  Areas: Broad early NM, much on Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Galicia, Sonora, Nuevo Leon, etc. and central Mexico and Yucatan.  Also CA, AZ, TX, FL, LA, AK, etc.  Some Spanish relations with French, Russians, English and US.  Some for IL, MO, KS, OK, and AL.  Some for Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Chile, the Philippines, etc. and Caribbean Islands - Espanola, Santo Domingo, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, etc.

D'Armand Collection of Spanish Language Documents, 1792-1871, MSS 121 SC -  view of NM social classes, children, mestizos, servants, democratic government, defense, Indian attacks, economic, tax, environment and property issues.

Miguel Antonio Lovato Papers, 1790-1849, MSS 137 SC - NM problems, prison conditions, Pueblo land losses, social classes, military, economic woes, lack of holy sacraments to area Hispanics and Indians, suggestions for remedies.

New Mexico Documents Collection, 1758-1876, MSS 146 BC - some Spanish and Mexican era documents here with view of NM society, government, judicial, economic, land and water issues.

France V. Scholes Papers, 1492 - 1979, MSS 360 BC - his research on broad history of Spanish NM, Pueblos, Southwest, New Spain, Northern Mexican provinces, Central Mexico and Yucatan, includes maps for NM, Mexico / New Spain, Yucatan / Mayan areas, Central America, North America, New France, etc. The Scholes inventory also has a deeper Detailed Finding guide.

Eleanor B. Adams Papers, 1492-2000, MSS 826 BC - her research on Spanish NM and New Spain, transcriptions, some translations, a few original Spanish documents; and maps from the colonial through territorial eras. Some in Spanish. Some of her maps are on NMDC.

John L. Kessell Papers, 1582-1985, MSS 767 - photocopies of some primary archive sources used in his publications on Spanish colonial history of NM and the Borderlands, Arizona, Maria de Agreda, etc. Some in Spanish.

Ward Alan Minge Papers, 1689-1991, MSS 815 BC, legal claims, history for Pueblos of NM, land and water.

Sandoval County, New Mexico Land Documents, 1790-1872, MSS 157 BC - compiled by Julius Seligman, sale and purchase of land in and around Bernalillo, Algodones, Placitas, Santa Ana Pueblo, San Felipe Pueblo, and Jemez Pueblo. Various Spanish settlers, Native Americans, Pueblos in land transactions, with Spanish Protector de Indios, legal aid advisor to Indians, etc.