Internet Searching

Search Engines

Search engines

A search engine is a word-by-word index of web resources gathered by a computer program. The two most established and successful include:

Bing powers AOL, Ecosia, Excite, and Yahoo!. Google powers DuckDuckGo, Lycos, Netscape, and Startpage.

Other search engines include:

Meta search engines
A meta search engine searches several other search engines at one time.

Fagan Finder
Michael Fagan has maintained a large list of Internet search tools since 2001.

Specialized Search Engines: Articles

Scholarly journal articles and web pages

Note that the following databases are free to search but will often charge to read the full text of the journal article. For a list of all of the databases to which UNM subscribes – with full text usually available to UNM students, faculty, and staff – go to the University Libraries web page.

Multi-subject databases include:


Specialized subject databases include:

Specialized Search Engines: Media

Audio and Sound


Video searching

Video sharing

Specialized Search Engines: News

All major search engines offer news search engines:

Some search engines specialize in news:

Specialized Search Engines: Reference

Search Engines and Subject Directories for Children