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Internet Searching: Internet Search Tools

A guide to effectively searching the Internet.

Searching the Internet

Search engines are the basic tools available for searching the Internet. The tool you choose will depend on your needs. See below for lists of general and specialized search engines.

Search Engines

Search engines

A search engine is a word-by-word index of web resources gathered by a computer program. The two most established and successful include:

Bing powers AOL, Ecosia, Excite, and Yahoo!. Google powers DuckDuckGo, Lycos, Netscape, and Startpage.

Other search engines include:

Meta search engines
A meta search engine searches several other search engines at one time.

Fagan Finder
Michael Fagan has maintained a large list of Internet search tools since 2001.

Specialized Search Engines: Articles

Scholarly journal articles and web pages

Note that the following databases are free to search but will often charge to read the full text of the journal article. For a list of all of the databases to which UNM subscribes – with full text usually available to UNM students, faculty, and staff – go to the University Libraries web page.

Multi-subject databases include:


Specialized subject databases include:

Specialized Search Engines: Media

Audio and Sound


Video searching

Video sharing

Specialized Search Engines: News

All major search engines offer news search engines:

Some search engines specialize in news:

Specialized Search Engines: Reference