Land Grants and Water Issues in New Mexico

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 The University Library Home Page provides access to a number of DATABASES to help researchers find scholarly articles.

To use them you need to have a UNM login or be working at a UNM Library computer.

The major NM periodical to help you start your research is the New Mexico Historical Review (NMHR),1926 - present. It is a scholarly, peer - reviewed history journal published by the History Department, UNM. The NMHR contains articles on NM land, water and legal issues, and selected land grants. The January 1982 issue contains a bibliography of books and theses about New Mexico land grants. Current and back issues and paper indexes for the NMHR are located in the Anderson Reading Room (CSWR Anderson F791 N65).

Here are two online sources for articles from the NMHR.

From the University Libraries homepage  - See Database - Alpha P - called - Periodicals Online Archive -  POA - it searches the NMHR from 1926 to 2000, with good results. It is full text. Go to the Tab -- Publications - and select Alpha N - find the New Mexico Historical Review down the list. Then enter your term in the search box.

Another way is via the Tab on the homepage called - UNIQUE COLLECTIONS - open it and find - the UNM Open Journal Portal - it has the NMHR articles online, 1926 - present, full text.  But the PAO does the best searches.


Other useful databases on the Library homepage for locating journal articles are:

Under Alpha A is - America: History and Life - indexes journal articles, dissertations, book reviews, etc. on the history and culture of the U.S. and Canada. Includes the New Mexico Historical Review, El Palacio (from Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe), Western Historical Quarterly, and other important Western journals.

Under Alpha E - Ethnic Newswatch - has news from minority, ethnic and native presses in North America, 1960 to the present, some articles are historical, others cover contemporary issues.

Under Alpha J is - JSTOR - contains the complete back files of more than 1,000 core scholarly journals in a variety of humanities, business, science and social science disciplines available in PDF format. A favorite of many researchers.


Also check these UNM journal publications which carry some articles on NM land, water, environmental and legal issues.

New Mexico Law Review, 1971 - current, published by the UNM Law School, articles online.

Natural Resources Journal, 1961 - current, published by the UNM Law School, articles online.