Land Grants and Water Issues in New Mexico

Books and Videos - Catalogued sources


Use the CSWR home page to find catalogued, published materials about land grants.  Many historical New Mexico land grant and water related materials are located in the CSWR.

After your search on the CSWR home page, your results will come up.  If needed, you can click on the boxes on the left side bar to filter the search for what you want more specifically - by the location in the library system, the type of material - ie. books, videos, or date, etc.

Here are a couple of sources found in the UNM Library catalog:

Book - A good place to start your New Mexico land grant research is this book: Private Land Claims in the Southwest, by Jocelyn Jean Bowden, 6 vols., thesis, Dallas, TX: Southern Methodist University, 1969, located in CSWR Anderson Reading Room.  It has good summary histories of most of the grants in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona, is arranged by counties, is based on historical documents, has footnotes, a bibliography, appendix and some small maps.

Book - Four Square Leagues: Pueblo Indian Land in New Mexico, by Malcolm Ebright, Rick Hendricks and Richard W. Hughes, 2014, has studies of New Mexico Pueblos - Cochiti, Santa Ana, Sandia, Picuris, Santa Clara, Taos and Jemez.

Video - Una Lucha Por Mi Pueblo, Corazon de Aztlan Productions, by Federico A. Reade and Karl Kernberger, with Sabine R. Ulibarri, 1992, Albuquerque, DVD, story of Amador Flores, Tierra Amarilla Land Grant, corridos, Bilingual.

Ebook - Properties of Violence: Law and Land Grant Struggle in Northern New Mexico, by David Correia, 2013, Alianza Federal de las Mercedes, Tierra Amarilla Land Grant, injustice, social transformation, and hardcopy in CSWR).