Land Grants and Water Issues in New Mexico

Land Records of NM - SANM I

The CSWR has microfilm of the SPANISH ARCHIVES OF NM (SANM I) - Land Records of NM - made from the originals at the New Mexico State Records and Archives (NMSRCA), in Santa Fe. Whether you go to Santa Fe or are in Albuquerque, you can only use the microfilm. 

At UNM, See CSWR Anderson F99 L36 1987 for a paper finding guide, and 63 reels at the same Call #.

The finding guide is also online via the RMOA - go to Institution - NMSRCA, which owns the documents and made the listing, and then search for SANM I and then put in your search term. Use Control + F to search for places / names therein. Online.

Remember the SANM I reels are at CSWR.


(Help: Remember the SANM I guide and reels contain 3 sections of papers):

Set 1 - Original surviving land documents from the Spanish - Mexican eras, 1602-1855, ie. Pueblo and Hispanic land and water transactions. Also has Donanciano Vigil index of papers done in 1848-49 - pre U.S. Note that Set 1 is arranged by Twitchell numbers - See further notes on Twitchell below.*

Set 2 - Records of the U.S. Surveyor General, collected by U.S. Land Office, in Santa Fe, 1854-1892, by SG file #s.

Set 3 - Records of the U.S. Court of Private Land Claims, court cases, Santa Fe, 1892-1912, by Case #s.


*More notes for SANM I - Set 1:

Twitchell numbers assigned to Set 1 are from: Ralph E. Twitchell - book - Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Vol. 1, land records, at CSWR Anderson F791 T85, Vol. 1 - has an index and short descriptions of documents for SANM I made by Twitchell in 1914.

English translations of Spanish documents in Set 1, done by the WPA workers, on microfilm, at CSWR Mfilm CD3394 T722 1999, 10 rolls - arranged by Twitchell numbers.

Chronological Guide for Set 1 - arranged by date, by Julian Josue Vigil, book, at CSWR Anderson F799 L36 1987 chronological guide. Helps to understand the land transactions as occurred over time and in relation to other events.