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Subject Terms & Keywords

These terms may prove helpful in searching for books and other literature in our library catalog:

Biochips, Biocompatibility, Bioengineering, Bioethics, Bioinformatics, Biological transport, Biomechanics, Biomedical engineering, Biomedical materials, Biosensors, Biotechnology, Colloids in medicine, DNA microarrays, Human mechanics, Image analysis, Image processing, Imaging systems in medicine, Medical informatics, Medical instruments and apparatus, Nanotechnology, Polymeric drugs, Polymers in medicine, Prosthesis, Recombinant molecules, Tissue engineering.

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The UNM Libraries organize books using Library of Congress call numbers. The major sections for mechanical engineering are located on the LL2 of the Centennial Science and Engineering Library:

Q300-342 Cybernetics
QA76.87 Neural computers: neural networks (in computing)
QH505 Biophysics
QH507 Information theory in biology
QH508 Biological control systems
QH509 Bioelectronics
QH509.5 Biomechanics
QH513 Fluid dynamics (in biology)
QH513.5 Bioethics
QH332 Bioinformatics
QH324.2 Bioinformatics (genomics)
QP303 Mechanics; Kinesiology
QP363.3 Neural circuitry; Neural networks (in physiology)
R724-726.2 Medical ethics
R856-857 Biomedical engineering; Electronics; Instrumentation (includes biosensors, biomaterials, imaging systems, nanotechnology)
R858-859 Computer applications to medicine; Medical informatics; Medical information technology \
RD130 Prosthesis; Artificial organs
RD132 Artificial implants and implant materials
RS199.5-RS201 Pharmaceutical technology; Drug delivery systems
RS210 Drug delivery devices
TA164 Bioengineering
TP248.13-TP248.65 Biotechnology (including biochemical engineering)


Why Use Books?

Books are useful for getting an overview of your topic and learning about the terminology used to describe your topic. While journal articles will have the latest research and developments, they are often focused on a very narrow aspect of a topic. Once you have the "big picture" you can then use the engineering databases (Articles tab) to find journal articles looking at a specific engineering problem.

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