Nuclear Engineering

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Books are useful for getting an overview of your topic and learning about the terminology used to describe your topic. While journal articles will have the latest research and developments, they are often focused on a very narrow aspect of a topic. Once you have the "big picture" you can then use the engineering databases (Articles tab) to find journal articles looking at a specific engineering problem.

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The UNM Libraries organize books using Library of Congress call numbers. The major sections for nuclear engineering are located on the LL2 of the Centennial Science and Engineering Library:

Subject Call Number
Health effects of nuclear radiation RA1231
Nuclear engineering. Atomic power. TK9001-9401
Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity.     QC770-798


The Library of Congress (LC) call numbers classify the nuclear literature into two main areas: the TK9000+ range, which emphasizes the applied aspect of nuclear engineering, and the QC770+ range, which demonstrates the nuclear physics aspect of the discipline.

The following is a list of useful search terms related to nuclear engineering. You might also try using the term “Nuclear engineering” in combination with other keyword terms.

Nuclear energy
Nuclear facilities
Nuclear fission
Nuclear fuel
Nuclear fuel elements
Nuclear fuels
Nuclear industry
Nuclear power plants
Nuclear reactors
Radioactive decontamination
Radioactive waste disposal
Radioactive wastes
Spent nuclear fuels

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