Political Science

Finding Primary Sources - GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS

Natinoal Archives - Presidential Libraries - contact https://www.archives.gov/presidential-libraries/contact/libraries.html 


As classified documents are released to the public, they may appear in any of several databases or web sites. No single site or database provides complete coverage, so the diligent researcher will consult them all.

  • Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)

"The Foreign Relations of the United States series presents the official documentary historical record of major US foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. The series, which is produced by the State Department's Office of the Historian, began in 1861 and now comprises more than 350 individual volumes. The volumes published over the last two decades increasingly contain declassified records from all the foreign affairs agencies." [from the State Dept. website]

There are several online versions of parts or all of this series: