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Three Peoples Murals in Zimmerman Library

Written Description Variations

“Anglo progress through science is the theme of the third panel.” --From Three Peoples Murals (1939) handout


“The Anglo-American Panel. The Anglo-American’s greatest contribution is in the field of science. The doctor holding the child and research workers to right and left symbolize the constant effort to make life better for succeeding generations. The sun, earth, moon, and stars are symbols used to convey the scope of this research.” --From Handbook of the Library and Pamphlet by Felipe Gonzales


"The central idea of the Anglo mural is science. It features medicine, with a doctor holding a baby, symbolic of a better generation, in the center of the mural. Working at the sides of the doctor are two research figures, and the design on the sides of the center window show the sun and earth on one side and the moon and stars on the other." --From Library Murals By Adams In Southwestern Theme