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Three Peoples Murals in Zimmerman Library

Written Description Variations

“In the first panel the Native American cultural contribution is indicated by the arts, featuring basketry, jewelry, pottery and weaving.” --From Three Peoples Murals (1939) handout


“The Indian Panel. The Indian makes a significant contribution in the field of the arts and crafts. The central figure in front of the loom is a blanket weaver. This Indian woman wears the product of the silversmith. The figure on the left is the basket weaver; the one on the right is the pottery maker. Corn is the symbol of the agricultural Pueblo, and sheep the symbol of the stock raising Navaho and Apache.” 

--From Handbook of the Library and Pamphlet by Felipe Gonzales


“The Indian mural pictures a tepee, which represents the nomadic people. An Apache man and sheep show the means of the Apache regeneration. On the other side are an Apache woman and a Navajo woman. The Navajo woman has silversmith trimmings around her neck, and she is working a loom. This shows the culture of the Navajo. A Taos man represents pueblo pottery. The Indian is the artist of New Mexico.”  --From Library Murals By Adams In Southwestern Theme