"Things We Do for Love" -- Love in the Archives 2021

Scrapbooks and Remembrance

The things we do for love don't have to be big and flashy.  They can be small and personal.  The simple act of holding on to an item shows, "This meant something to me.  This memory is special."  People have been creating scrapbooks for generations to keep all their memories in one place.   These scrapbooks were created by former students of UNM and show what was important to them during their student years.   

To learn more about the Caroline Farnsworth Scrapbook, you can view the finding aid to the collection:  https://rmoa.unm.edu/docviewer.php?docId=nmuunma134.xml

To learn more about the Betty Huning Hinton Scrapbook, you can view the finding aid to the collection:  https://rmoa.unm.edu/docviewer.php?docId=nmuunma187.xml

Caroline Farnsworth Scrapbook

Caroline Farnsworth Scrapbook

Caroline Farnsworth attended UNM from 1945-1949, graduating with honors. 

Acceptance to UNM

Though Caroline's scrapbook isn't branded as being related to her college, her first item is her acceptance letter from UNM. 

Rush Week Events

Caroline was heavily involved in the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and served as its president during her sophomore year.  This page shows how she gathered information and got involved right from the very beginning.

Corsage and Ribbons

More souvenirs from Caroline's Rush days are kept on an adjacent page.  The flowers have mostly fallen apart on this corsage, but its ribbon remains bright.

Rush Parties

Did Caroline attend classes?  It looks like the sorority events we plentiful!  The Alpha Delta Pis must have wooed her with their Sweetheart Party.  Red Heart Emoji (U+2764, U+FE0F)

Good Friends

Caroline and her friends enjoy some Albuquerque snow with a snowball fight. 


There are many bridal showers in Caroline's scrapbook.  Here we have the invitation to one of Miss Marchand's parties as well as the write up in the local newspaper.


Caroline kept some of the Valentine's Day cards she received from family and friends.

Valentine for Daughter

Caroline's parents sent her a card during her Freshman Year.

For a Sweet Daughter

Awww.  We are suckers for sappiness. 


What could be cuter than a puppy sitting on a heart?

Puppy Love

If it is Puppy Love, we are all in!

More Valentines

Caroline also received some Valentine's Day cards from her friends. 

Sweet Message

Her friend Sally sent Caroline a card telling her  how sweet she is.  We appreciate the thought, but don't think you have to wait until Valentine's Day to do that! 


This Corsage of Caroline's has held up really well over the years.  Do you think she received it for the dance or her scholastic work?

Betty Huning Hinton Scrapbook

Betty Huning Scrapbook Cover

Betty Huning's Scrapbook from 1934-1935

Scroll through the images to see a sampling of pages from Betty's scrapbook and learn what mattered most to her during her UNM years.

Betty Huning's Scrapbook Inside Cover

Betty's College Years

Betty was admitted to UNM in 1934 and started this scrapbook to remember the important events and special friends.

List of Events 1934-1935

Betty kept a list of dances and formal events she attended in her first couple of years at UNM. 

Close up of Betty's Events

Betty eventually married John Hinton in 1941.  Could this be the same Johnny with whom she had a "swell time?"

Bid Day Corsage

Betty kept several corsages in her scrapbook.  This first one is from Bid Day.  Betty was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and kept up with all the latest news on her sorority sisters.

Close up of Bid Day corsage

Betty's corsage has been lovingly preserved since 1934.

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Marriage

In addition to her friends and sorority, Betty kept track of the big news on campus.  On this page, she clipped an article about the marriage of Elizabeth Zimmerman, daughter of UNM President James Zimmerman getting married at the President's House, now known as University House.

Gold Leaf and Dance Card

Among the other items is this leaf that has been painted gold and a dance card for a formal dance.  Archivists have preserved the leaf by placing it in a Mylar sleeve so that the gold paint will not flake away.

Dance Cards Galore!

Betty was quite the social butterfly who attended several dances during her student years.  Here is a page with several dance cards and a cute cat drawing.

Engagement Announcement

Betty was a native of Albuquerque and her grandfather was Louis B. Huning who established a mercantile and ranching business in Las Lunas around 1858.  On this page, Betty kept the engagement announcement of a friend from another prominent Albuquerque family, Gertrude Moulton.

Corsage from Johnny

This corsage from Johnny was for the S.O.P.V. formal held on May 24, 1935.  In her notes at the front, Betty states that she had a "grand time" with Johnny that night.

Invitations and Keys

Betty kept some invitations and mementos from less formal occasions.  She doesn't indicate if she had a "swell time" or not, but if she kept them, it's a bet that she had fun.

One Final Corsage

Rounding out Betty's scrapbook is one final corsage.  No notes on where or when she received it.  Perhaps its memory was so strong that she didn't need to write it down. . .

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