Nineteenth Century Photography

Browsing UNM's University Library's Photography Books

You will find most books on photography in the Fine Arts & Design Library; however, some might be located in Zimmerman. Here is a key to the call numbers. :

  • PN - Photojournalism
  • N - Visual Arts, General
  • TR - Photography
  • Z - some items on Nineteenth-Century Photography, located at the Fine Arts and Design Library

Be sure to also ask at the Service Desk at the Fine Arts & Design Library for Special Collections items, and check out books and other photo collections at the Center for Southwest Research Special Collections and Archives, located at Zimmerman Library. 

Welcome To The Fine Arts & Design Library (FADL)

Welcome to the UNM University Libraries! The Fine Arts and Design Library is a fantastic resource for your research needs. Our collection includes many resources, including art, art education, architecture, landscape architecture, music, theatre, and dance collections. There are also journal articles and databases, DVDs, and many other items. We also have computers, scanners, and printers available for the entire UNM community.


Guidance For Finding Books, Articles & Archival Materials

You can discover and access articles to use in your research in multiple ways:

  • Browsing through specific journals
  • Looking up specific articles based on citation information (for example from a bibliography in an article or book)
  • Searching databases using terms relevant to your research interest

To find a specific online journal that you would like to browse you can use our eJournal Finder to search by journal title. 

If you have the citation for an article and you would like to determine if we have access to it through our many subscriptions and collections you can use our Article Finder search tool to find it. 

If you don't have a specific journal or article in mind for your search you probably want to use one or more of the databases that we subscribe to to search for articles that are relevant to your research topic. Below are listed some of the key Earth & Planetary Science databases that you might want to consider using as a starting point in your research. 

While  specific search options vary somewhat between databases, the following general guidelines are useful when composing your search terms:

Think about your topic and separate it into separate concepts

1) Vocabulary - Synonyms

2) Search construction - Boolean logic/Set theory

  • AND = Intersection of two sets
  • OR = Union of two sets

Connect synonyms with the 'OR' 

Connect separate concepts with 'AND'

3) Defining search phrases - Place phrases (i.e. words that occur together in a specific order) you want to search for in quotes to signal that the search should be executed as a phrase search instead of a search for a list of individual words. 

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