Medieval Art (400-1100 CE )


Aberdeen Bestiary
Index, commentary, and complete digital version of the Aberdeen Bestiary created by the University of Aberdeen.

The Alchemy Website: Database of Alchemical Manuscripts
Database aims to include descriptions of all alchemical manuscripts in U.S. and European collections. Extensive bibliography and images.

Archimedes Palimpsest
This tenth century manuscript, in the collections of the Walters Art Museum, is the unique source for two of Archimedes' treatises, The Method and Stomachion, as well as the unique source for the Greek text of On Floating Bodies. The website documents research, conservation, and digital imaging projects.

Biblia Pauperum
Images and text from Avril Henry's Biblia Pauperum (1987).

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana = Vatican Library
Website of the Vatican Library. Contains links to the Archivio Segreto Vaticano and other resources including the map, Forma Urbis Romae.

British Library Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
This searchable catalog contains descriptive records for manuscripts drawn from all the regions and periods represented in the British Library collections.

The British Library Sacred Manuscripts Collection
Digital versions of 78 religious texts. Includes a high resolution "page-turner" digital version of the Lindisfarne Gospel.


Codex Gigas
The Codex Gigas or the Devil’s Bible is a medieval manuscript at the National Library in Sweden. It is reputed to be the largest surviving European manuscript. It also contains a large, full-page portrait of the Devil. This site contains a digitized version of every page of the manuscript as well as commentaries on its history, texts, script, initials and decoration.

Codices Electronici Sangallenses (CESG)
The Abbey Library of St. Gall online with high-resolution digital images, searchable manuscript descriptions, and digital versions of entire manuscripts. Multi-language interface.


CORSAIR: The Online Research Resource of the Pierpont Morgan Library
Digital images from the Morgan Library’s collection of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. Covers ten centuries of Western illumination and contains manuscripts from all major schools.

List of links to digital images of medieval manuscripts from various U.S. collections.

Digital Library of Illuminated Manuscripts
Cooperative digital project containing 12th - 16th century illuminated manuscripts from several American university collections. Full browsing and downloading available.

Digital Medieval Manuscripts at Houghton Library
The Houghton Library’s collection of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts represents a significant resource for the study of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Western Europe. This Web site provides strategies for searching Houghton's medieval manuscripts as well as links to bibliographies related to these materials compiled by the Library.

Digital Scriptorium
The Digital Scriptorium was conceived as an image database of dated and datable medieval and renaissance manuscripts with the intent to unite scattered resources into an international tool for teaching and scholarly research. Catalog entries include images and bibliography. Searchable by multiple indexes.

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University
This website provides access to over 80 early manuscripts in high resolution digital images. These manuscripts are held in 7 institutions associated with the University of Oxford. Access is through browsing full pages or thumbnails.

Europeana Regia
The Europeana Regia project (2010) will digitise 874 rare and precious manuscripts from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with the collaboration of five major libraries located in four countries. This 30-month project and will draw together three collections of royal manuscripts that are currently dispersed and which represent European cultural activity at 3 distinct periods: the Biblioteca Carolina (8th-9th c.), the Library of Charles V (14th c.), and the Library of the Aragonese Kings of Naples (15th-16th c.).These manuscripts will be fully accessible through this portal and on the websites of the partner libraries and Europeana.

Gutenberg Bible
Digital version of the Göttingen Library copy of the Gutenberg Bible and also the Model Book for painting manuscripts which was used to illuminate the Göttingen Bible.


Hill Museum and Manuscript Library
Use VIVARIUM to search for digitized manuscripts, art, rare books, photographs, audio, video, and other resources among the more than 90,000 manuscripts in the Hill Museum and Library. Use the “Catalogue Search” option to search the entire collection.


A Hypertext Book of Hours
An introduction to the structure of a book of hours based on several sources. Includes explanatory materials, Latin/English facing pages texts, and numerous links to other books of resources.


International Center of Medieval Art
Searchable database of images illustrating connections between the literature and visual culture of medieval culture, internationally.

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Presents almost 11,000 unique illustrations from 400 illuminated manuscripts from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and the Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum in The Hague.

Database of manuscripts in the Bibliotheque Nationale with extensive images. Searchable by keyword.

Manoscritti datati d'Italia / MDI
Ongoing project to catalog all Italian manuscripts. Now includes searchable database and full-text of printed catalogs and project documentation. In Italian.

Medieval Bestiary: Animals in the Middle Ages

Medieval Manuscripts in Dutch Collections

This database contains descriptions of all medieval western manuscripts written in Latin script and produced up to c. 1550 now preserved in public and semi-public collections in the Netherlands. These include the collections of libraries, museums and archives, as well as the collections of monastic orders and some other private institutions that are open to researchers.

St. Gall Manuscripts & Reichenau Manucripts
A new addition to the St. Gall Plan's website is a project to digitize manuscripts from across Europe and North America known to have been in the monasteries of Reichenau and St. Gall in the ninth century. The manuscripts are intended to be a virtual presentation of the two monasteries’ libraries and give us a window into the intellectual context that inspired the creation of the Plan. There are curerntly 77 manuscripts available. Additional manuscripts, metadata and site features (such as a comprehensive search function) will be added over the course of 2011 and 2012.

Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts
Database containing more than 60,000 entries for manuscripts written before 1600 and consisting of five or more leaves. It includes bibliographic information from approximately 4,000 catalogues from 400 dealers and auction houses since the early 19th century. This data is supplemented by entries from inventories and catalogues of private and institutional libraries.

The Schøyen Collection
The Schøyen Collection comprises most types of manuscripts from all regions spanning over 5000 years. It is the largest private manuscript collection formed in the 20th century. The collection, MSS 1-5268, comprises 13,497 items: 6,850 from 3300 BC - 500 AD; 3,864 from the medieval period, 500 - 1500; and 2,783 from the post-medieval period.

Utrecht Psalter
Digital version of the Carolingian period Utrecht Psalter, produced around 820-840 in the Benedictine abbey of Hautvillers near Epernay.

Primary Sources Online