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With Love. From the Library.

by Heather Maez on 2018-02-22T14:10:31-07:00 in Library | Comments

Have you ever wanted to pen someone a love letter? Or how about a break up message? Last week University Libraries asked our patrons to do just that! We asked patrons to tell us why they wanted to continue their blossoming relationship with us, or end it. We asked patrons if there was some aspect of the libraries that they loved and wanted to share or if there was something that they disliked. 

Displays were set up at each library branch to receive the letters. During the week, we collected 74 notes! 

Here are some of the love letters and break up letters we received (along with some #LibraryResponses) ;D 


Our student employees rock!!                                                     We love you too, man!

Awe, shucks! 

                                                                                                      You called me pretty! 

Did you know that the first libraries date back to around 2600 B.C.? 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a letter!


#LibraryLoversMonth #librarylove #librarygoodbye #UNMlibraries 

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