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National Library Week April 23 - 29

by Sara Velasquez on 2023-04-14T13:06:43-06:00 in Library | 0 Comments

National Library Week April 23 – April 29

We are excited to celebrate National Library week with you! Read below about a few of the amazing staff who contribute to the daily operations of our libraries. Learn more about their positions and some of their favorite resources we offer at University Libraries for the community.

This library week we invite you to participate in a special drawing that will make you eligible for some fun prizes. Email with the subject Library Week Giveaway. In the email, please write a short sentence on your favorite resource the library provides. You will then be entered in a random drawing for UNM Swag that will go through April 23April 29. The winner will be contacted the following week.

Meet Our Library Staff

Meet Cristobal Bello, Library Information Specialist 3, Resource Sharing

I am a library information specialist in the Resource Sharing (or more widely known as Interlibrary Loan) department. My work involves processing requests from UNM patrons for books, articles, and a variety of documents that UNM libraries does not own or have access to, while also fulfilling requests from other institutions for our library's materials and resources.

How did you become interested in this line of work?

I have always valued the overall concept behind libraries offering access to information and resources that are not necessarily freely available elsewhere. Naturally, I find that sharing library resources with the UNM community and with other institutions is appealing work, and contributing to the social structure of library institutions matches with my personal beliefs.

What is your favorite part of your position?

I find it very satisfying when I am able to obtain something for a UNM patron that seemed initially unlikely because of the obscurity, the rarity, or simply because information available on the requested title or work is limited.

What is a resource the UL offers that you wish more patrons utilized?

Interlibrary Loan! Haha, really I am not kidding. In particular, we work on behalf of our patrons to support their research, their teaching needs, or simply for something that appeals to a current interest.

How do libraries remain significant and important today?

I think libraries continue to provide the physical space necessary to offer traditional print materials, new and changing technologies, or a mix of those mediums that are open to a variety of populations both nationally and globally. And wherever libraries continue to offer free access to resources there will be people who will be able to enjoy that benefit.

Meet Isabella Pilar, Library Information Specialist 3, Technical Services