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“Archives in the Grooves: a Sound Collection” showcases outstanding LP collection in the Fine Arts & Design Library

by Patricia Campbell on 2019-02-27T17:33:09-07:00 in Library, Art, Music | Comments

“Archives in the Grooves: a Sound Collection,” will be on view in the Fine Arts and Design Library through April 30. The library has close to 20,000 LPs still in regular use by students, faculty, staff and the public for research and pleasure. This broad collection is an important archive of history, literature, theatre, music, language, politics and art.

images of Cecil Taylor album coversimage of a flamenco LP album cover













The record collection is an outstanding legacy of musical history and sounds and also changing tastes in cover art. The individual LPs have  impressive, colorful and artistic covers. The selections on display curated by three library staff members represent the broad scope of the collection. Stephanie Akau chose Afro-American composers of the 20th century. Jonathan Hartshorn installed an informative piece on jazz musician, Cecil Taylor. William Kinney filled three display cases with popular music LPs; theatre, poetry, history and civil rights LPs; and outstanding flamenco and classical guitar LPs.

During the exhibition staff will share new material with a featured “what we are listening to this week” LP including background information about the artist and the music plus reviews from some of the library’s music journals to give a sense of what the critics were saying at the time of release.

Akau, Hartshorn and Kinney are determined that this underused resource get the attention it deserves. Although fascinating to look at the collection is meant to be heard. The Fine Arts and Design Library also has equipment to play many kinds of media – with headphones – and is located on the 4th floor of George Pearl Hall.

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