Biology 303L: Ecology and Evolution

Scientific Method

The image below visualizes the scientific method, which is the process by which scientists conduct new research and develop new scientific findings. Click to see the image in full-screen view.



Sharing scientific research

The primary method of communicating the findings from original scientific research is through primary or original research articles, which are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


Why do we care about the research that other scientists have conducted?

  • Scientific knowledge is developed through the ongoing research of scientists engaged in sustained studies. New discoveries are found over time in part due to the rangeof perspectives, interpretations, and approaches of a diverse community of researchers. This continuous work conducted by scientists over time can be thought of as a continuous scholarly conversation.
  • By reading others' published work, we can:
    • Learn new research methods, data, and findings
    • Compare others' findings with our own
    • Build upon published findings by developing ideas to inform our own studies or research
    • Engage in the ongoing conversation of scientific scholarship

Created by the University of Washington Libraries, the brief video below further explains and illustrates the concept of "Scholarship as Conversation".