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Overview of Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online is a platform for ebooks and tutorials that you may use via a computer and/or mobile device. You may read books online via the computer or download titles via the mobile app (Safari Queue). More Info about features

Topics cover

    • Analytics
    • Business & Management
    • Communication Technology
    • Computer Networking
    • Databases Design
    • Digital Media
    • DIY & Hardware
    • Drawing & Painting
    • Education Electronics
    • Engineering
    • Enterprise Business Applications
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance & Economics
    • Game Development
    • Health
    • Info Technology/Operations
    • Innovation
    • Leadership
    • Leading Teams
    • Management Communication
    • Math & Science
    • Mobile
    • New Manager Essentials
    • Operating Systems & Server Applications
    • Personal Computers & Apllications
    • Personal & Professional Development
    • Political & Global Issues
    • Product Management
    • Social Media
    • Software Development
    • Technology Companies
    • Travel
    • Web Development

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