Library Instruction for Core Writing

Library Instruction Options for ENGL 1120

  1. Step 1: ENGL 1120 Library Tutorial
    1. This is an in-depth tutorial that covers the nuts and bolts of using the library for research. Students will identify key words, use a database, find an article, and get a citation.  This is a main way students will learn about using the library website for research.
    2. I recommend assigning this as your students are starting their first research project. If you'd like to assign it for points (recommended), email me for a list of your students who have completed it. 
  2. Step 2: Research Clinics
    1. This is the second step of our library instruction.  Research clinics are supported research time where students have 75 minutes of dedicated research time (like homework) but every student will get one-on-one help from a librarian.  
    2. Students *must* have a research assignment they are actively working on. Annotated bibliographies are a really good assignment for the research clinic.  
    3. As the instructor, you should give students a timeframe where they should come.  Students will get an exit ticket as proof of attendance.  
  3. Optional: Embed the ENGL 1120 Research Guide in your Learn course 
    1. This is a one stop shop for all research needs including all the links on this page. 
  4. Optional: Research Bytes
    1. These are designed to be short reminders about common research challenges.  They may be useful for targeted interventions before students do the tutorial/clinic.  
  5. Optional: Librarian consultation on research assignments 
    1. Email me, schedule an appointment, or drop by my office hours and we can talk about how to achieve your goals for research in your class. 

Sample Language for Syllabi

Suggested assignment or syllabus language for the tutorial: 

Once you have your topic for [ASSIGNMENT], take the ENGL 1120 Library Tutorial:  It will help you get started with your research using the library website, including developing keywords, researching in databases, and getting citations.  It is worth [POINTS].  I will receive a copy of it. 

Suggested assignment or syllabus language for Research Clinics: 

Now that you have [ASSIGNMENT], you'll be taking it to a Research Clinic at the library as part of your homework.  Research Clinics are 75 minutes long.  Most of your time will be spent doing research, and you'll meet one-on-one with a librarian who will help you with your research.  Plan on staying the whole time.  This is worth [POINTS].  At the end of the Clinic, you'll get an exit ticket.  You'll turn it in to me [IN PERSON or UPLOAD A PICTURE TO LEARN].  Since this is held outside of class time, you'll find a Clinic that fits your schedule & register for it here: I want you to work on your [ASSIGNMENT], so plan on attending a Clinic between [DATE] and [DATE].  If you have trouble finding a clinic that fits your schedule, the librarians will work with you.


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