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Route 66

Information and form taken in part from the original research guide by the late, great Ms. Ann Massmann with updates

The Mother Road, U.S.A.

National Parks Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program

The UNM Center for Southwest Research is the New Mexico representative of the 


The mission of the Route 66 Archives and Research Collaboration (ARC) is to make research and oral history materials accessible to the general public and Route 66 stakeholders for the purpose of education, preservation, and management of the historic Route 66 corridor.

Route 66 ARC is the result of a meeting initiated by the National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program held in Albuquerque, March 2007. 

Help Preserve Route 66

Do you have archival materials that document Route 66?

Contact one of our ARC partner institutions to talk about donating materials relating to the towns, the businesses, the land and the people along Route 66. We're interested in the past and present. Help us preserve your experience, our history. 


Photo: Michael, Elaine and Arlene Ration. Louise Rapaport Collection, University of New Mexico