Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC)

Depository Materials in the Map Room

Maps and other cartographic material housed in the Map Room as part of the Federal Regional Depository Program include:

The United States Geological Survey : Topographic maps for all states in the United States, historical topographic maps for selected areas, Earth Science map series in geology, hydrology, etc.

United States Forest Service: forest maps for the entire country.

Bureau of Land Management: state and 30 x 60 minute quadrangles for all states administered by the BLM. Also, we house a partial collection of historic Government Land Office plat maps for New Mexico.

Central Intelligence Agency: country and regional maps for various countries throughout the world.

National Park Service: pamphlets and maps for various national parks in the United States.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Aeronautical and nautical charts for the United States.

Geospatial Intelligence Agency: Aeronautical and nautical charts for areas other countries.

Army Corps of Engineers: maps and book charts related to ACE projects in the United States.

Please note that many government agencies no longer send physical material to the depository libraries. They make the material available online only, and in some cases  they are no longer available at all. Please see the Online Map Resources section for links to various government agencies.