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About DirectEDGAR

directEDGAR is a tool that will extract and normalize data from hundreds (or even thousands) of SEC filings in minutes, not days, because of its unique architecture. The tool lifts data from the original SEC filings based on a search criteria and then normalizes it into one csv file, ready to open in Excel, SAS or similar analysis programs

An Overview of Search, Extraction, and Normalization from directEDGAR.

Video on DirectEDGAR

directEDGAR Access

directEDGAR is hosted on the UNM campus and is ONLY accessible on campus (no off campus access).  To get access...

  • Must be a UNM faculty or student
  • Must have administrative rights to your local UNM computer
  • Must connect via Ethernet (NO wireless)
  • Contact Todd Quinn to learn more.

UNM Librarian

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Todd Quinn
Parish Memorial Library
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