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Course Reserves: Electronic Reserves and UNM Learn

Information on the University Libraries' reserves services

Get Started with Learn

The University of New Mexico is using Learn, a learning management system (LMS), as the platform for fully online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses. Using this platform instructors can manage all sorts of electronic information needed to support their courses.

The University Libraries can still help through our Persistent URL and Scanning Service by assisting in creating files and links that can be added to your Learn course.

For more information on Learn please see these UNM Extended Learning Site Guides:

Electronic Reserves

The electronic reserves service offered through Docutek was discontinued in December 2015 and instructors are encouraged to use UNM's Learn system to post and share online course materials.

For questions about the eReserves migration project, please see our archived FAQ or contact:

Aaron Blecha ( or

Cindy Pierard (

Ereserves Migration to Learn FAQ - Archived

Q: Why did this transition occur?

A: Learn creates a more seamless experience for students and faculty by providing one centralized point for accessing course materials. Before learning management systems such as Learn became available, the Univeristy Libraries implemented Docutek eReserves, an electronic course reserves system, to provide a place for faculty to post materials and links online.  It was the best system available in 2003, but has become dated. Use of Docutek eReserves has also sharply declined in recent years with fewer than 10% of UNM courses having any type of presence on the Docutek platform. In contrast, Learn has become a popular point for instructors and students to provide and access course-related resources. Now that Learn has been successfully implemented on campus, it makes sense to leverage the capabilities of Learn to provide a one-stop experience for students and faculty.

Q: Do I have to use Learn? Why not continue to make eReserves available for those instructors who prefer it?

A: There are significant software and hardware costs associated with maintaining the eReserves system. This has increased as, the vendor has not updated the eReserves software in many years and provides limited support. Given the problems with the long-term viability of the eReserves software and the low use of eReserves, it no longer makes sense to rely upon it. Learn is widely used by UNM instructors and widely known by UNM students as a reliable online course management platform.

Q: Will the Univeristy Libraries continue to provide support for hard-copy materials such as books and other physical media?

A: Yes. This service will continue.

Q: Will the Univeristy Libraries still help with scanning my course readings?

A: Yes. The University Libraries will offer scanning for course materials throughout the coming academic year and will also offer persistent URL locator services. Please see our request form or other sections of the Reserves guide for more information.

Q: Will the Univeristy Libraries help with questions I have about using copyrighted material in my courses?

A: Yes. Please see our request forms for more information about copyright and fair use. You are also welcome to send copyright questions to

Q: Where can I get more information about using Learn?

A: Learn help is available at You’ll find step-by-step help online as well as have the opportunity to attend drop in workshops for training and have your questions answered. Help via email is available at and via phone at (505) 277-0857.

Reserve Specialists

The University Libraries' Reserve specialists, located at all four branches, are available to work with instructors to provide access to material. For additional assistance or questions about these services, please contact: