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The University Libraries Government Information Collection was first established in 1893 and was designated as a Regional Depository library in 1967.  UNM is the sole regional library for New Mexico thus providing no-fee access to federal government to all New Mexicans.  The Federal collection includes legislative hearings and reports, federal regulations, census records, statistical reports, court decisions, agency publications, posters, pamphlets and more, is available in paper, microfiche and several electronic formats.  The UL also maintains substantial collection of indexes, abstracts and commercially produced resources and databases designed to facilitate the search for government information.

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The Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) Classification System

Browse the Government Documents Stacks

This unique section allows you to browse the documents stacks in shelf order (according the the Superintendent of Documents of classification system).

A  Department of Agriculture (1862- )
AA  ACTION (1971-1994)
AC   Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (1961- )
AE  National Archives (1934- )
AR  International Bureau of the American Republics
B  Broadcasting Board of Governors/International Broadcasting Bureau
C  Department of Commerce (1913- )
CAB  Civil Aeronautics Board (1978-1985)
CC  Federal Communications Commission (1934- )
CR  United States Commission on Civil Rights (1957- )
CS  Civil Service Commission (1883-1979)
CSA  Community Services Administration (1974-1981)
CZ  Canal Zone Government (1951-1979)
D  Department of Defense (1949- )
DC  District of Columbia
E  Department of Energy (1977- )
EB  Bureau of Efficiency (1916-1933)
EC  Employees' Compensation Commission (1916-1946)
ED  Department of Education (1979- )
EP  Environmental Protection Agency (1970- )
ER  Energy Research and Development Administration (1975- 1977)
FA  Commission of Fine Arts (1910- )
FAA   Federal Aviation Agency (1958-1967)
FC  Fish and Fisheries Commission (1880-1903)
FCA  Farm Credit Administration (1933-1939, 1953- )
FCD  Federal Civil Defense Administration (1951-1958)
FE  Federal Energy Administration (1974-1977)
FEM  Federal Emergency Management Agency (1979- )
FHF  Federal Housing Finance Board (1989- )
FHL  Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1955-1989)
FL  Federal Housing Administration (1939-1942)
FM  Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (1947- )
FMC  Federal Maritime Commission (1961- )
FO  Foreign Operations Administration (1953-1955)
FP  Federal Power Commission (1920-1977)
FPI  Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (1934-1939)
FR  Federal Reserve System Board of Governors (1935- )
FS  Department of Health, Education and Welfare, etc. (1939-1969)
FT  Federal Trade Commission (1914- )
FTZ  Foreign-Trade Zones Board (1934- )
FW  Federal Works Agency (1939-1949)
GA  General Accounting Office (1921- )
GB  Geographic Board (1906-1934)
GP  Government Printing Office/Superintendent of Documents (1895- )
GS  General Services Administration (1949- )
HE  Department of Health and Human Services (1980- )
HH  Department of Housing and Urban Development (1965- )
HS  Department of Homeland Security (2003- )
I  Department of the Interior (1849- )
IA  United States Information Agency (1953-1978, 1982-1999)
IC  Interstate Commerce Commission (1987-1995)
ICA  International Communication Agency (1978-1982)
ITC  United States International Trade Commission (1981- )
J  Department of Justice (1870- )
JU  U.S. Courts
L  Department of Labor (1913- )
LA  Bureau of Labor (1888-1903)
LC  Library of Congress (1800- )
LR  National Labor Relations Board (1935- )
M  National Military Establishment (1947-1949)
MB  Board of Mediation (1926-1934)
MC  Maritime Commission (1936-1950)
MCB Board of Mediation and Concilation (1913-1921)
MS  Merit Systems Protection Board (1979- )
N  Department of the Navy (1798-1947)
NA  National Academy of Sciences (1863- )
NAS  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1958- )
NC  National Capital Planning Commission (1952- )
NCU  National Credit Union Administration (1970- )
NF  National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities (1965- )
NHA  National Housing Agency (1942-1947)
NMB  National Mediation Board (1934- )
NMC  National Munitions Control Board (1936-1940)
NS  National Science Foundation (1950- )
OP  Overseas Private Investment Corporation (1969- )
P  United States Postal Service (1970- )
PA  Pan American Union
PAC  Canal Zone
PE  Peace Corps (1982- )
PM  Office of Personnel Management (1979- )
PR  President of the United States
PREX  Executive Office of the President (1961- )
PRVP  Vice President of the United States
PS  Postal Savings System (1910-1966)
RC  Federal Radio Commission (1927-1934)
RL  Railroad Labor Board (1920-1926)
RNB  Renegotiation Board (1951-1979)
RR  Railroad Retirement Board (1935- )
S  Department of State (1789- )
SB  Shipping Board (1916-1933)
SBA  Small Business Administration (1953- )
SE  Securities and Exchange Commission (1934- )
SI  Smithsonian Institution (1846- )
SS  Social Security Board (1935-1939)
SSA  Social Security Administration (1995- )
T  Department of the Treasury (1789- )
TC  International Trade Commission (1974-1981)
TD  Department of Transportation (1966- )
TDA  U.S. Trade and Development Agency
VA  Department of Veterans Affairs (1930- )
VE  Federal Board for Vocational Education (1917-1933)
W  Department of War (1789-1947)
X  Congress
Y 1  Congress: House and Sentate reports, documents, bills, journals, etc.
Y 3  (A-L) Congress: Commissions, Committees, Boards
Y 3  (M-end) Congress: Commissions, Committees, Boards
Y 4  Congress: Hearings, Committee Prints, Publications
Y 6-10  Congress: Impeachment Proceedings, Memorial Addresses, CBO
Z  Continental Congress Papers

Federal Government Resources

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

     The Catalog is the finding tool for federal publications that includes descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides direct links to those that are available online. Users can search by authoring agency, title, subject, and general key word, or click on "Advanced Search" for more options.

Federal Citizen Information Center

The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC), in the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies has a 40-year history of providing U.S. government information and services directly to the public.

Federal Digital System (FDsys)

     GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys) provides public access to Government information submitted by Congress and Federal agencies and preserved as technology changes.

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