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Happy Pi Day!

by Laura Soito on 2017-03-14T08:42:00-06:00 in Library, Mathematics & Statistics, History, Computer Science, Geography, Business & Management

On March 14th (3-14)  we celebrate the mathematical constant used to represent the ratio between the diameter and circumference of a circle, that is pi or π or 3.1415926535… Here are a just few ways to celebrate:

1. Road trip to Pie Town, New Mexico for sampling pie. You might even give New Mexican Apple Pie with Green Chile and Piñon a try. 


2. Make a Fritos Pie or read up on the history of this corn chip, chili, and cheese creation.

3. Use a Raspberry Pi to try out some programming skills or build a new gadget. Learn how with one of UNM's many ebooks on these small computers.


How to Bake Pi


4. Take an edible exploration of mathematics with

5. Use Find Your Pi Day to learn how many digits of Pi it takes for your birthday or any other favorite date to appear in the sequence.

Enjoy your favorite type of pi(e) today and take a few minutes to tell blog readers about some of your favorites!

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